Work placements are partnerships between UPV and companies or institutions, through which students can carry out internships.

Utilities and benefits of internships:

  • Students bring new ideas and knowledge
  • Enable the incorporation of the student into the company.
  • Facilitate other relationships with UPV.
  • Contribute to the better training of future professionals.

Internships are based on Traineeship Agreements, whose legal framework is provided by the laws in force in national territory and the rules adopted by the UPV Governing Board.

There are two types of internships for students of the Bachelor in Technical Architecture: curricular placements (which may be done by all the students after passing the first year of their degree) and extracurricular placements (which may be done by students who have passed at least 50% of the credits of their degree).

Students of the Master’s Degree in Building Constructions can do extracurricular placements as soon as they enroll in.

There’s a limit of hours for extracurricular placements, depending on the student’s degree:

  • 1800 hours in the Bachelor in Technical Architecture.
  • 720 hours in the Master’s Degree in Building Constructions.
  • 600 hours during the adaptation to the Bachelor in Technical Architecture.

The company or institution will provide the student with the necessary time to attend exams and other mandatory activities at UPV.

Internships require a training project, in which companies have to outline the objective and the activities that the student will carry out during his period in the company. This training project will be described in the last page of the Traineeship Agreement.

Traineeship Agreements require a Company Tutor and a Academic Tutor, which will ensure the student training.

In general, all the internships at UPV will receive a monthly remuneration by the host company or institution. According to the  UPV Vice rector for Employment and Entrepreneurship’s resolution, on 2 October 2017, a minimum amount of economic compensation of 3.75 € per hour is established for students’ internships.


Trainees  that receive a monthly remuneration must be registered in the General Social Security PlanReporting these students to social insurance is the responsibility of companies or those who pay the contributions. There’s an allowance for curricular placements.

UPV provides trainees with a University Insurance Policy only for those internships which are not registered in the General Social Security Plan. Further information can be found here.