ACADEMIC YEAR 2020/2021:
    – Briefing about Internships
    – Internship Guide
    – Internship evaluation

** Internship Legal Framework

** Allowance of 100% on the company contribution to the Social Security for Curricular Placements 

** How to process a traineeship

Please, always use the document version available on the website.

0. Informative video: All about your internship

1. Form to apply for trainees – How to obtain the document

** To fill in only in case the company doesn’t have a preselected student. 

Preliminary considerations

Help in completing the form

2. Traineeship agreement: Traineeship Calculator

Preliminary considerations

Training project: examples

3. Modifying a traineeship: How to obtain the document

Preliminary considerations

4. Cancellation of a traineeship:  How to obtain the document

Preliminary considerations