In order to apply for the recognition of the internships for professional experience, the following documents must be submitted:

A. Labour Report that certifies the labour seniority in the contribution group that it’s related to the skills that may be obtained during the degree.

Contribution groups admitted preferably: 1, 2 and 4.

B. Professional association certificate (where appropiate), for those who have an official university degree.

C. For civil servants, Civil Service Certificate.

D. Copy of the employment contract where appropiate.

E. Company certification in which it is stated that the applicant has pursued the career which he is asking the recognition of credits for, and also the period of time which must be the same as stated in the laboour report.

Self-employed or freelance must submit a certification from the Professional Association,where it’s detailed all the projects where the applicant has been involved.

In the extraordinary case that this certifcation might not be obtained because of the closing down of the company, it must be submitted: :

• A document supporting the closing down of the company.

• A memory where it’s stated the projects where the applicant has been involved  (if it deems appropiate, these  Guide Principles can be followed) ) and and affidavit or similar confirming these projects.

F. Census certificate from the Tax Agency,  for those who are freelance, paying contributions as self-employed in the Social Security System. Codes that are admitted are:

 CNAE 2014 F.- Construction 41 – Building construction. 421 – Road, railway, bridges and tunnels construction. 4299 – Construction of other type of civil engineering projects. 431 – Specializaed construction activities.
 L.- Real estate 6831 – Real estate agents. 6832 – Real estate management
 M.- Professional, technical and scientific activities 7111 – Architecture technical services. 7112 – Engineer technical services and other activities related to technical advice. 7120 – Technical testing analysis.
 IAE División Agrupación
 5.- Construction 50.- Construction
 8.- Financial Institutions, Insurances, Company Services and rental management 843.- Technical services (Architecture, Engineering, Urban planning, etc.)

Procedure to follow