Work placeemnt in a company or institution in Europe, between 2 and 12 months

A way to obtain work experience and working skills in a European context

Possible to obtain credits counting towards the degre in the bachelor in Technical Architecture (6, 12 or 18 ECTS, according to the placement and academic situation) ; alternatively, a referece to Erasmus Work Placement will be included in the student’s transcript, or (for graduates) an independent certificate can be issued.


For students:

– 50% credits of the degree completed (not applicable for master’s)

– Enrolled as a regular student during the mobility

For graduates (replaces the former Leonardo program)

– applicant must find host company and sign training agreement before requesting the diploma

– work placement must take plae within a year after graduation


Variable depending on the host country: in2014-15 between 300€- 500€ per month, maximum 3 months independetly of the real duration of the placement

Eventual financial support from the host company (allowance, housing, meal vouchers, transportation, etc.)

Financial Support 2019-2021 (updated 01/11/2021)


Open call for application until all funds are , through the online AIRE platform (UPV student intranet > section ” Relaciones Internacionales y Cooperación”)

Possible to choose from available placement offers (few cases) or to find host company/institution and to establish the training agreement (most of the cases).

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