What is a double degree?

It consits of an agreement between 2 higher education institutions whereby students one of these institutions in the last years of their degree transfer to the other institution and viceversa. The remaining course units from their home university are replaced by equivalent contents in the host university and they obtain an official university diploma from both institutions. The degree plan (semester sequence) is different for each double degree program, but students who transfer to the parnter university normally do not need to go back to their home university. The total number of credits or semesters to be completed is often  larger, but students obtain 2 official university degrees.

What is the additional value of a double degree versus a  1 or 2 semester exchange?

You will have the status of regular/degree seeking student and will be able to obtain 2 uiversity degrees. Additionally, you will have a deeper knowledge about the profesional environment of 2 different countries: construction  systems and technology, management and regulations, etc. You will develop the capacity to work in multicultural teams and to adapt to new working contexts and these skills are greatly appreciated by potential employers.

Furthermore, the possibility of obtaining an official university diploma from the host country makes it easier to develop a profesional career in the host country, as it is not necessary to go through a legal or academic recognition of the home university diploma.  Companies envolved in international projects will value a profesional qualification from 2 different countries.

What double degrees are available at the School of Building Engineering?
  • ITALY: Politecnico di Milano (Italy), since 2016, with the undergraduate degree Laurea in Ingegneria Edile e delle Costruzioni. This 3-year bachelor is offered in the Leonardo Campus of this university. The language of teaching is Italian (there are no languare requirements for native or near-native Spanish speakers .

The application is processed partly within the Erasmus programme, with some special requirements and rules. UPV students mut apply when they are doing Year 3 of the bachelor degree in Technical Architecture. See details below:

Information on the double degree with Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI)  (outbound students)