Entrepreneur Space – ETSIE START-UPV

The School of Building Engineering (ETSIE) wants to promote entrepreneurial attitude and ideas in the education of its students and in the staff in charge of providing this education

  • We want to bring in new skills to improve  your education and employability.
  • We believe in innovation  by young, entrepreneurial university students.
  • We know that a meeting point, networking and working synergies are basic and they will help you.

For all these reasons we want to:

  • Help start-ups (emerging business projects) to get together and work in a common, open space.
  • Share experience, information and resources with other projects located at Entrepreneurs Space ETSIE START-UPV.
  • Create bonds between companies and entrepreneurial projects.
  • Enjoy the resources offered at the Entrepreneur Space ETSIE START-UPV..

The School of Building Engineering (ETSIE) makes available to all its members  a meeting/working space suitable for the development of entrepreneurial and innovative projects. Besides, the members of the Entrepreneur Space ETSIE START-UPV may receive counsel and support from a committee of members of the School and the “Instituto IDEAS” (UPV Entrepreneurial Space)

ETSIE START-UP space is open to staff and students of the School and also to other members of their teams who are working on innovative projects, competitions or tendering processes.

Projects will be able to enjoy the facilities at ETSIE START-UPV to take the first steps towards professional activity and business success after hard work. To begin with, there will be a selection process, which will be established by the School through a follow-up committee.

In the space available, teams will share the equipment, resources and especially time. Everything is free of charge for members of the School of Building Engineering (ETSIE) and their teams.


The Entrepreneur Space ETSIE START-UPV  is a working space within the faculty facilities, located in the former classroom (building 1B, across the information desk) open to students and members of the school who have entrepreneurial initiatives.

The space has been conceived as a co-working area where everything will be shared: time and experience.

At ETSIE START-UPV you will find:

  • 4 individual work areas
  • 1 board area
  • 2 creativity areas
  • 1 leisure area
  • 1 conference area with projector, dashboard and capacity for 50 people

Wifi, daily cleaning and security services.


To use the space and receive counsel at ETSIE START-UPV , one of the members of the applying team must be a member of the School of Building Engineering of UPV and follow these steps.

  1. Read the criteria for membership and access
  2. Fill-in the application form.
  3. Read and sign the policy acceptance.
  4. Send all the documents to etsie-emprende@edificacion.upv.es

Contact person: Instructor Igor FERNÁNDEZ PLAZAOLA

Application form (Spanish only)

Policy of use (Spanish only)

Criteria for membership and access (Spanish only)